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07 May 2020

Iberia Small Cell Networks has installed a distributed antenna system in the LAGOH Shopping Center of the Lar Group, one of the largest in Spain, thus providing ultra-fast mobile coverage.


Lagoh is the largest commercial and entertainment area of Seville, with a total area of 123,500 m2, of which 100,000 m2 will be retail space and a leisure area. It has a 6,000 m2 lake designed to become one of the main features of the center, creating unique experiences, with playgrounds, relaxation areas and viewpoints, as well as water, light and sound shows.

The design is innovative and avant-garde, in line with new architectural trends: geometric bodies, without conventional spaces, capable of creating ways around the center with a great sense of space and three squares facing the lake and outdoor areas. And all this, based on innovation, sustainability and respect for the environment. Following these principles, Grupo Lar has developed a strong digital strategy to ensure that visitors are connected during their visit to the center. As part of this strategy, Grupo Lar required a reliable wireless solution to offer a broad mobile coverage of multiple operators for the center and for the 27 million customers that are expected to visit LAGOH every year.

For this, Iberia Small Cell Networks has designed a unique and efficient wireless solution in keeping with the architecture of the building and to provide the best voice and data services compatible with all mobile network operators. The solution consists of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that allows customers who visit to have cover from any mobile operator in all corners of the center, with special attention to interior and underground spaces.

In the words of José Manuel Llovet, Tertiary General Director of the LAR group:

“One of the lessons learned from our recently completed Lagoh project in Seville is that a DAS system in this type of building is essential. Iberia Small Cell Networks worked perfectly, both in implementation and in service, and we are very satisfied with them. It was a success to have the Iberia Small Cell Networks team due to their proximity and level of involvement, making our project their own. ”

The technical solution is based on technical design specifications that guarantee high levels of speed, reliability and network availability. Based on a fiber optic backbone network and using the latest in multi-operator equipment components, the DAS system is extended to cover all LAGOH areas including the commercial area, catering area and underground parking, with 20 remote units for 98 strategically located antenna points. The system has the most advanced technology on the market, MIMO.

In addition to providing high-speed 4G data to customers, DAS will ensure that visitors can make calls and send text messages throughout the center.

Iberia Small Cell Networks provides real-time network monitoring, maintenance and 24-hour service to ensure that DAS continues to operate at optimal levels. In addition, it provides an efficient route that guarantees its continuous evolution to host future mobile technologies and services, such as the next 5G mobile generation.

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