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Iberia Small Cell Networks (ISC) acts as a neutral manager of telecommunications infrastructures for operators, owners or managers of spaces, technological companies and the public administration itself. Our mission is to provide the optimal solution for all of them, as well as the management of the solution, end-to-end: location, design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, supervision and quality control of the service.


Currently, more than 70% of mobile devices are used inside buildings, both to make calls and to access the internet, however, mobile outdoor networks are usually unable to penetrate the interior of buildings, resulting in a poor mobile service. The situation gets worse when there is a large number of users trying to make calls or access the internet in the same place or when the networks are overloaded as it happens, for example, on weekends in shopping centers or on match days in the football stadiums.

Result: Slow and frustrating mobile experience for customers that can negatively affect the owners of the buildings. The mobile coverage solution of Iberia Small Cell Networks allows building owners to ensure that their customers, whether they are consumers, fans at a sporting event or office employees, have a high quality mobile service in their premises, which reverses in tangible benefits by increasing the time of permanence and / or improvement of experience in the center.

In each site, Iberia Small Cell Networks designs, builds and manages a unique and shared infrastructure platform compatible with all national mobile operators in a neutral manner, allowing its subscribers to receive the best possible service through all technologies including 2G , 3G and 4G and ease of evolution to future technologies.


Main equipment room (MER)

It houses the control equipment of the DAS system and the base stations of the operators connected to the DAS. Likewise, the MER also contains the access circuits that allow the voice and data traffic of the operators to be routed between the DAS system and the operators’ core.

Fiber Optic Network

Connect the MER to the remote units.

Remote Units and antennas

These are the transmission components that provide capacity and coverage to the clients of the MNOs connected to the DAS. The remote units are connected to the antennas through coaxial cable.


The growing demand for a reliable mobile service at all times on public roads and other areas of mass influx such as sports stadiums, are posing a real challenge for mobile networks that must be prepared at all times to high data consumption services.

Iberia Small Cell Networks responds to this challenge by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions with the introduction of “Small Cells” infrastructure solutions that are implemented in these areas.

These low-power small cell solutions are designed to complement existing mobile networks based on a high capacity fiber backbone and in the use of infrastructure and street furniture in a neutrally shared manner for all operators, promoting a rapid deployment without affecting to service and maximizing profitability. The service is fully managed and compatible with any of the technologies used by national mobile operators.